Obermutten – A digital marketing lesson

The swiss alps are beautiful and attracts thousands of tourists every year. However, there are many small yet beautiful villages that do not receive any tourist attraction. One such village is Obermutten in the Graubünden region. Obermutten is a small village with just 78 residents. The residents of the town were looking for ways to increase the tourism footprint in their village and they took the route of social media. They came up with an ingenious way to make the village famous.

The Facebook Campaign:

They opened a Facebook page. Now almost every tourist place has an official Facebook page, so how was Obermutten’s page different?

  1. They announced that they would take a printout of the picture of everyone who likes the Facebook page and put it on the notice board.
  2. They also promised to answer each and every question asked on the page.

Now that is personal!

The photos of the page fans
The photos of the page fans

The result

People started liking the page and interacting and engaging with it and as promised the village kept posting the pictures on the village bulletin board. Soon, they got a new board and then the village walls were full too with pictures of people who liked the page. 

  1. Obermutten became the most active Facebook page in Switzerland.
  2. 80% of the fans interact with the page which is better than most global brands.
  3. In about 4 weeks, Obermutten has fans from over 32 countries from all continents and was reported widely in media.
  4. The village spent a total of 10,000 swiss francs and the ROI was of 2.4 Million swiss francs.

Why it went viral?

  1. People like personalisation; personalized message, personalized gifts and personalized offer etc. It makes them feel important. One of the main features of the campaign was the personal nature of the campaign. Anyone who likes the page would have their photo in the village bulletin and if they ever visit Obermutten, they would be able to see it.

Success Factor: Personalization

  1. The page answered each and every question that anyone posted in the page. From a warm personal welcome message to answering each question, it was a case of genuine customer engagement that left a positive impact on the people making them delighted.

Success factor: Customer engagement

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