Samsung Advertiements

There is no good marketing strategy than to come up with a kickass product. However, it sometimes become important to let your customer know how kickass your product is. If there is a USP, then flaunt it!

1. Samsung India Service Advertisement

Samsung, in October 2016, launched 535 service vans to connect 6000 talukas in India and to ensure timely service to customers even in the remotest corners of India. But how many Samsung customers actually know about this?

So Samsung came up with this #SamsungService campaign film to show how they care. They have covered every aspect of the kind of service they have promised to provide. The advertisement shows the commitment to service of the service engineer in a remote part of India. He went the extra mile to reach the customer location at the promised time. Samsung portrays its commitment to service and says that when it comes to building relationships, distances do not matter and have even touched an emotional chord in this advertisement( a key to a successful advertisement).

2. Samsung Gear VR headset advertisement

 In this very creative advertisement, a curious ostrich got its head stuck into a Gear VR headset. If you remember, an Ostrich is a flightless bird and coincidentally, the VR headset was playing flight simulator. The ostrich gets so immersed in the VR experience that it eventually learns how to fly as other ostriches watch in awe. The tagline of the advertisement is “We make what can’t be made, so you can do what can’t be done”. An Ostrich learning how to fly is a very clever metaphor for the tag line and for #DoWhatYouCant.

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